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Brushed Nickel 4 Inch Shower Faucet wih Tub Spout Combo (Valve Included) |ALWEN

Brushed Nickel 4 Inch Shower Faucet wih Tub Spout Combo (Valve Included) |ALWEN

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  • Premium Quality: Meets cUPC standard. The valve of the brushed nickel shower faucet set is constructed of high purity and low-lead brass. Strong anti-aging performance and durable structure make you don't need to worry about the shower system breaking.
  • Avoid Burns: The shower faucets set complete with a pressure balance valve, which is used to balance pressure changes precisely, automatically adjust outlet temperature and anti-scald protection when the pressure of the cold or hot water supply changes suddenly.
  • Easy to Maintenance: Multi-layer brushed nickel finished, with high precision wire drawing technology. Brushed nickel bathroom shower kit with superior corrosion & rust-resistant finish prevent dirty from sticking to the surface.
  • Intensely Powerful: The shower faucet sprays powerful and stable water on your body to immerse your body in a comfortable shower experience and eliminate the fatigue of a day.
  • Standard U.S Dimension: The connectors are designed for use of Standard NPT 1/2" threads, compatible with most shower fixtures.


Q: What's the material of the tub shower faucet set?

A: The pressure balance valve is made of brass, the valve core is ceramic, the shower head and the housing of the valve core are ABS. The material of the shower arm and valve trim are stainless steel,  the handle and tub faucet are zinc alloy.

Q: Is the spray head rotatable?

A: Yes, the shower head does rotate on a ball joint.

Q: Which part will come out of the water first when I turn on the handle of the tub and shower kit with the valve? Tub faucet or shower head?

A: The bathtub faucet will first come out of the water and you pull up its lifting rod, water will come out from the shower head. 

Q: How many GPM?

A: The flow of this shower faucet is less than 2.5 GPM.

Q: Do I have to use the tub setting? I just want to use the shower option.

A: For shower-only installation, you can plug the bottom valve outlet with a pipe plug.

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